Time after Time

Today is all about time. The song Time after Time which I'm choreographing tonight, research for the time period of the Civil War for a play I'm working on and managing my time with so many projects. Hey - I'm all themey. Hee!

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Didn't get a chance to watch Greek or Castle yet but looking forward to them.

Dear Santa

I've been a fairly good girl this year. Okay there were a few evil moments during shows but overall mostly a good girl. Well okay there have been a few epic rants with Kiersten but generally we can definitely say not a demon, so may I please have a Cas action figure for Christmas? Please?

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Cougar Town is on the DVR waiting. And tonight new Supernatural which I pray is back to the opening of the season first 4 episodes awesomeness and not in the ho hum retconning of last week mode. I hate that I have very little Supernatural squee right now. Usually I'm bouncing off the walls. I guess . . . . . . I'll see.

Also new Fringe (yea) and new Greys, Project Runway.

I read somewhere that Chuck might be coming back in November and that's exciting. I also am very excited about Lauren Graham joining Parenthood and am now really looking forward to this show so much more. I love LG. She just needs to find the right vehicle that showcases her again after GG.

In RL, I finally have all my scripts done and my shows perking along. Really good rehearsals this week in all three shows. More shopping this weekend for Hudson's homecoming and Sam's birthday present and I don't think I'm working at Germain this weekend. I could be wrong. But if not, I think I might go see Zombieland.

And in SYTYCD Canada - my top 3 favorites are in the final four. I am gobsmacked with happiness about this. I am so impressed with the way Canadians seem to look past the blather of the judges and truly vote on the dances. I love and adore Vincent, Everett and TJ so much. Of course that means Jamie Rae will probably win. But still 3 of my faves in the final 4. Three? This hasn't happened since season 2 of the US version. Go Team Canada. Can all of you please move down to the US and vote since we never get it right? Please?

Finally back in LJ land

So I had to finish a script this weekend and I was a complete lazy butt on Sunday, though Saturday I was doing my usual dash all over creation and run errands and work at Germain bit. But Sunday every time I sat down to write my brain went - sorry we are on vacay, leave the shots at the door and call us tomorrow. So sadly I did not finish my script on Sunday. I woke up yesterday fired up with inspiration and had the script done by mid-day. Came in early today to type it up and wallah. Finished.

I can now resume my regularly scheduled life.

Also my amazing son Sam had a birthday yesterday and I laughed my ass off when I got a message congratulating him on not accidently starting an apocalypse. (go Sunil!) Hee! Hopefully he won't be blaming his brothers (who sadly are not named Dean) for any skanky gf's he meets in his life.

So, in between errand day on Saturday and lazy butt day on Sunday I did watch tv, as well as read my normal overly excessive amount of Dean/Cas fic. (seriously when is this obsession going to slow down? I thought the retcon of Idols would sour me a little but it just made me want to read more!) Let's see shows watched, in no particular order:

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Um I know I watched Castle which is just such a fun, charming show. Honestly Castle has probably taken the place of Bones right now as the lighthearted cop show I love.

And I think I'm dropping Flash Forward. I don't like any of the characters and when that happens, there's very little point in watching a show. I guess I should give it a try with Charlie in the mix but he was never my favorite Lostie either.

I watched Greys and Medium and I still have Greek on the DVR to watch from last night.

It's funny I started this season with a bazillion shows on my watch list and I'm dumping them right and left. When did I turn so evil? I used to hang with shows forever. Honestly, I think it's the way that now you can pretty much watch anything later so that if I'm not watching a show right now, I can always pick it up on netflix.

Back to work. I finally feel caught up a little.

Fallen Idols

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I didn't get to watch anything I wanted to last night. SYTYCD, Flash Forward, Cougar Town, Fringe, Greys nothing. The only thing I saw was Project Runway after Supernatural. And while I enjoyed it, I honestly don't have much to say about it. Hopefully I'll catch up this weekend and write a long review post.

Oh and eolivet I did watch Survivor, giving the little troll one more chance. It was okay. Still nothing to get excited about though I did like the one guy finding the one thing. But at least it wasn't the non-stop Russell show again. But I mostly had it on in the background as I was making dinner.

Glee slays me.

It's Thursday!!!! It's Castiel Day! And I am in full perk mode. Sometimes I think the anticipation to seeing Cas and Dean again is set on too high a mode. Like I need to tone it down because if not I'll be disappointed. But my squee meter refuses to listen to me. And then it runs off to read more Dean/Cas fic.

But let's talk of the Wednesday awesomeness which is Glee and Kristin Chenoweth. I think my musical theater heart exploded in happiness last night.

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And that's all I saw last night. I didn't even see Top Chef and I always watch that. Sadly it has to join the quene on my DVR because I was absolutely dead after my Wednesday class.


And that's really all I ever need to say on a Thursday.