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Kripke you love us. You really love us.


So I don't think we can doubt that the PTB at Supernatural love their fans. They gave us everything. Yes, there was action and plotty things that moved our little apocalypse along. But mostly this show was a love letter to the fans. Because let's face it, they gave us everything. EVERYTHING. (well except the actual smexing and hugging but still) First of all they are equal opportunity shipping lovers. Because EVERY ship got some action. EVERY SHIP PEOPLE. (rolling on ground laughing here)

1. The Wincest Ship - Erotically co-dependent? Hee! Aw Zach you're all jealous and stuff aren't you? That was very shippy and I have no doubt is leading to tons of squee in wincest land.

2. The Lisa/Dean Ship - Aww, Sam knew where you were going Dean. That lends a little credence to the fact that Dean must have mentioned his little instafamily fantasy.

3. Dean/Cas - Oh baby. That was one motherload of shipping. The wall slamming, the gave up everything for you, part 2 lines, the pissed off lover's attitude Cas had the entire episode, the eyefucking back in full force, the wink, the lines.

"Blow me."
"The last time someone looked at me like that I got laid."

Not to mention angry papers - credit tracy_loo_hoo - Cas was totally wing flouncing, the bare chest of Cas all bloody and hot, and complete to the umf BAMF Cas.

Moving beyond shipping, I loved, loved, loved how they fixed this. Sam! Hey Sam! Way to be the most awesome little brother ever. Awwwwwwww. And Dean! Hey Dean! Way to find yourself in the nick of time. Awwww. I don't wincest but I do ship family and they were so great at the end. Loved every moment they talked. Sammy is all grown up isn't he? We need to have a graduation party or something. Just awwwwwww.

So the big sacrifice was a little underwhelming I must admit. I loved watching sneaky, badass Cas but maybe I've read too many fic because I was all this is it? But still loving it. Last night I was worried about Cas but I do think, especially after all that, that they wouldn't just have him be dead. Cas has survived angelbegone moments before. Especially with Dean's we'll get him at the end. I have to keep reminding myself of Misha's contract and how PTB really don't enjoy paying people for nothing and stop worrying. Sorry squeemonster for dumping my worry fears on you.

Adam was snarky and I loved the scene with Bobby which Jim Beaver nailed. And the opening scene in the hotel room with Dean packing away his leather jacket, impala keys, gun and writing his goodbye letter was so sad. And then Sam was there and was awesome and of course he brought Cas. (hugs Team Free Will. Hugs them hard.)

Zach was a great, great villain and kudos to Kurt Fuller for being so memorable. Loved his opening hissy fit and great final view cinematographers of the wings. And zimsham I kept looking at the lights. Oh the lights, the lights. Especially right before the wall slamming. I was all I know what that red light means. I do, I do.

In conclusion Kripke, Carver, we love you too. We really do. Some of us are willing to marry you and have your babies for giving us so much. Just don't kill off my angel this year and we're good forever.

Off to read the many, many commentaries and squee and flail around with everyone. Guys Cas and Deans lips were so close.

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Guys Cas and Deans lips were so close.

In my mind, they were totally grinding against each other beneath the camera view.

I can't even begin to jump in and start commenting on everyone's ep reaction posts. I hate working the next day after an epic SPN ep.

And you weren't dumping on me! Talking you down also serves to help me--it forces me to see things more rationally and not get worked up into a worry frenzy myself. ;D

I have been working my way through, each comment getting more and more incoherent I'm sure.

In my mind, they were totally grinding against each other beneath the camera view.

Oh mine too.

I just am still worried after all the things I'm reading everywhere but I just. . . . . I mean half the comments I'm reading, even from wincesters are mentioning how awesome Cas was. For the second week in a row and they must know how popular he is. They must.


Okay, I'm good, I'm good.

Love that the bare-chested Gif is all over already.

Dean saying "blow me" was HOT. And I was surprised it was allowed on TV. I don't feel like people say "blow me" very much on TV, right? Also VERY shocked by (not exact quote) "screwed in the face." I mean, it was funny (as was the "last time...I got laid" line) and I loved it but I was just amazed that CW S&P let that was through. SCREWED IN THE FACE is pretty graphic.

I loved it. It sucks that it is not the last season because I feel The End coming up and being Epic but I loved it. HAPPY 100TH!!!!

I was amazed all that got through too. Thrilled and amazed. I honestly felt like Carver was listening to those of use who have been moaning about the complete Dean/Cas letdown after the End (I mean they've barely talked and veyr few personal space invasions) and said here? You've been missing the eye fucking? Have some and some wall slamming and oh yes. A line that shows Dean is canonically bisexual (the last person not the last girl/woman) in the I got laid line.

It was fun and I honestly loved every minute. I am worried about this not being the last season but I'm still hoping the PTB realize how much Cas adds to the SL and keep him on. If they do, I'm all in. If not, I'm not.

Screwed in the face was pretty graphic wasn't it? I was busy wondering why Dean was able to watch Zach go boom without getting his eyes burned out and wondering what was up with that.

idk dude. This fan won't consider herself completely serviced until Dean gives Cas a hug. :P

That's true. We do need hugs. Are you listening Kripke?

He is listening. DEMAND DEMAND.

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