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Cougar Town and a little Greek

Wait what? What just happened? What?

I love this show. It has taken the place that How I Met your Mother held last year and just completely endeared itself to me. It helps that I'm sort of Jules. I can completely relate to everything she says and feels and all the idiotic things she does. But the most important factor is I love every, single one of the supporting characters. Though they started a little one note they have now been deepened and assumed delightful lives of their own. As an ensemble they click with a lovely, funny, friendly vibe. I like this cast.

Which is why I absolutely HATED seeing Laurie and Grayson kiss at the end of the show. No, no, no. Do NOT do this to me Cougar Town. I love both these characters but not as a couple. Must we become like Grey's Anatomy where EVERYBODY sleeps with EVERYBODY at some point in the show? Hey tv writers, I actually have all kinds of friends that I have NOT SLEPT WITH.

But the rest of the show was lovely and perfect (though unbelievable because no way would you dump a hottie like Scott Foley just because you were nervous about being exclusive). The best part was Laurie freaking out because trust fund dude didn't want to have sex. And the penny can game and golf cart keys on a ferrari key chain and the guys bonding and I just love this show.

Cougar Town just works for me. I'm so thrilled it's been renewed. I guess I can live with Laurie sleeping with Grayson is it's one of his usual one night stands. Please don't put them in a relationship. Mkay?

I read that Greek is on a bubble and might not be renewed. What? What? But . . . but Greek is wonderful and witty and snarky and how can it not be renewed? I need my Cappie. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
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