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Love. So much love. Dear Mr. Carver - thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been so sad these past few weeks. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I laughed long and hard. I gasped in shock. I haven't gasped in shock since Cas said I am an angel of the Lord. I rewatched it immediately. This is my show. The End is still my favorite episode this season but this one comes in a close second tied with Free to be (I adore Free to be since it gave me Dean/Cas) but mytharc wise this was fantastic.

The sitcom credits. Hee, hee, hee, hee, hee. Oh dear God the credits. Bwah. I loved every single moment of the credits. The backing into each other and startled jump, the ghost in the closet, the bike riding - oh the bike riding, the football playing, the silly song - oh show. How I love you!

I did not recognize the font but someone mentioned somewhere last night that the font was the same as the font for Full House. I find that fascinating because Kripke has really made the apocalypse all about FAMILY. Yes, the world may possibly be destroyed and croatian viruses unleashed but ultimately his apocalypse is about family. Sam/Dean and the Angelic family. FASCIFREAKINATING!

The Angels are one big dysfunctional family. Mysterious Michael, bullying Zach, weary Rapheal, rebellious Lucifer, and now Gabriel. Who does seem to be a middle child angel doesn't he? All trying to be peacemaker, all tired of the fighting. Gabe you're Jan Brady? (Marcia, Marcia, Marcia - hee Michael, Michael, Michael). And Cas? Well he's little baby brother isn't he? And Cas, little not as powerful Cas though still seriously a BAMF is the one who won't do what he's told. He won't give up on his Father. And he is taking a stand.

And can we take a moment and enjoy the fact that Gabe called him "Pretty boy Angel". Bwah! Kripke you are so bad sometimes. Well at least if you're going to throw in more wincest with Sam's car moments, you gave us a little Dean/Cas to tide us over. And while Cas was in in way plopped this episode (ala little boy antichrist) I want a big, full of Cas episode soon. ONE WHERE HE IS IN LOTS AND LOTS OF SCENES. But for this episode, it worked. Cas was integral and the looks between the brother angels? So great.

Anyway, back to the show. The comedy scenes were okay. I felt like they might have been spoofing Two and a Half Men which I don't watch and am now pulling a blank on what the characters names are but it just felt like that to me. Kind of "typical men love the boobies" comedy instead of "Friends situational" comedy. But it was still cute and funny because I was watching the boy's facial expressions and giggling my butt off.

And then we had Dr. Sexy. Rolling on the floor dying and gasping for air laughing my butt off. I watch Greys and I have no doubt Carver does too because he NAILED every single scene in this. eolivet would have loved this. They got Meredith and Izzie and Christina and Derek perfectly. Even the dead denny stuff. Hee! And then Dean's total mancrush on Dr. Sexy.

Dean sweetie can we talk a little bit about sexuality? Because honestly this is the gayest I've ever seen Dean played. I mean I dream and love every Cas moment but this? When he knew what shoes/boots Dr. Sexy was wearing? My mind immediately flashed back to Legally Blonde when the gay pool boy recognized Elle's prada shoes. Hee! Either way, if we have mancrushes on sexy doctors, we totally need to recognize our mancrush on our sexy angel. Right?

And savingfaith333 brought up a great point in her review about what Sam and Dean were supposed to "do" in the hospital. Dean was asked to perform a miraculous operation - what was it a face transplant? - and save someone. Sam was smacked - hee repeatedly - for being a coward and not taking a chance. And had to use what he knows to fix Dean. And of course Dean was shot and that made it perfectly a Grey's episode. I just thought they nailed everything about this spoof. And bonus points for the guys being so, so hot in their scrubs.

And The Trickster/Richard S, my second favorite secondary character after Chuck, was superb in this episode. He nailed all his scenes and was fun and frustrated and weary and angry and resigned and totally, totally superb.

The Japanese Game show? Rolling on the floor again. I loved, loved, loved that the questions were so dark and deep. And Dean said yes to the fact that his parents would still be alive if Sam hadn't been born? Oh show. Dark. And Dean was the hero here and Sam? Well Sam got smacked in the nuts for Ruby. Hee - Carver, have you been as upset about Sam not apologizing to Dean about choosing Ruby over him as I have been? If so, nice working out the anger issues. Hee and ouch and poor Sam. Great facials and body language from JP although he seemed to recover a little too quickly.

And then Cas showed up. (hugs him tight, missed you so much last week). Another BAMF entrance. But the best, the absolute best was Cas saying you've been out of touch for days. So there. Dean is in touch with his angel. Thank you very much Mr. Carver. And he was worried about his Dean. And he came. He always comes.

Insert "pretty boy angel" comment of awesome.


The most Loltastic moment was the Herpes commercial. Can't breath laughing so hard. Like many I thought at first it was an actual commercial and got up to leave the room and then whap. JP was selling the hell out of this. Dying, dying, still can't breathe. That was so good. It's JP's strength as an actor to do pissy, reluctant so superbly. He nailed this. Great, great job. And Dean with the voiceover and the ballplaying in the background. Laughing so hard that oxygen is becoming an issue. Well done show, well done.

I don't watch CSI Miami or any of the CSIs so I was with Dean on the 300 procedural cop shows on the air comment. Hee! But they looked smoking hot in their sunglasses and again JP nailed Caruso. (I wonder if anyone from Greys or CSI Miami watched this. I know I would as an actor.) I knew the lollipop cop wasn't the trickster so wasn't too surprised at the fake staking. I do remember once the boys were seemingly back at the motel that I looked at the clock and went but wait? Isn't there supposed to be a Knight Rider scene? It's too early for the Trickster to be dead.

I never watched Knight Rider but thought the spoof was superb. From Sam being all awkward and can I honk? And Dean all badass. And Dean playing the role of Michael? Oh nicely done oh sneaky show.

Oh and Cas showing up all battered and bloody at the sitcom again and the Trickster slamming him against the wall and duct taping him up? Carver have you been reading Cas whump fic? Because that was hot and I do like my Cas a little bloody sometimes - if Dean can clean him up of course.

Loved the ring of fire redux. Dean is one smart cookie. He watches a spell/sigil/trap and learns. Nicely nicely done.

There are very few times that a show can cause my jaw to drop to the floor. I can kind of count them on one hand (the one where the Initiative was revealed in Buffy season 4, the one where Cas said I am an angel of the Lord because I wasn't spoiled back in those days,etc.) because I'm a cynical viewer and always suspect things. And while the show had been hinting there was more going on than the trickster, I didn't have a clue. So I was gobsmacked with surprise at the Gabriel reveal.


Tying in Mystery spot seamlessly and making it all flow beautifully.

And then Richard S. nailed Gabe's reasoning - he just wants the fighting over - and Dean looked the whole destiny always wins, this is what you were born for lines and threw them back in Gabe's face. Dean was BAMF and glorious and charismatic and a terrific, terrific leader. Dean has learned because he was Gabe. He just wanted peace in his family too and it's led him to the wreck his life is now. Dean has learned that sometimes you have to stand up to your family. Sometimes you have to be like Cas and say NO. I won't. I love Dean's lines to Gabe and I think Dean may just have won an ally in the war. I just loved this.

And Dean was worried about his Cas and made Gabe bring him back. Hugs Dean.

It may end bloody as Gabe said but it won't end as the destined meatsuit battle. There is no freaking way Kripke is going to do this because it would be such a complete and total waste of the mytharc. Destiny is going to get it's ass kicked. Because I believe everything is always going to come down to free will and family.

God is going to show up. I think God has deliberate stepped back and is letting his family choose. His family of angels. His dysfunctional family. And I have a feeling that Cas is not going to be standing alone at the end. And Dean and Sam are ALWAYS going to choose family. They will always choose free will. They are dysfunctional too but they are working together and at the end of the day, somehow, someway free will is going to triumph over destiny.

If the show is only about battling meatsuits/angelic brothers/Winchester brothers and the end foredained. Michael/Dean faces Lucifer/Sam in the garden after all the allies (Cas) die in gunfire then . . . . .well then it's lame. And uninspired. And I can not believe Kripke will go there (true he somehow thought it was smart to use Paris Hilton and fart jokes but maybe he was having an off week). I have to believe it's more than this and I'm excited to see where everything is going to go.

The ending where it seemed like Dean/Sam drove off without Cas I choose to think of as the scene just cut out too soon and a few moments later Dean was all "Cas, get in the car. Let's go."

In conclusion, I loved this. I loved the way the show was hilariously funny and yet dark and mytharcy. This is why I loved Monster at the end of the book and this is why I hated Fallen Idols and all the dumbass jokes in the Jesse episode. Funny is great as long as it has a purpose and works within the storyline. Great episode. I like full on angsty the best I must admit because angsty rules my life but I'll love funny if it has meaning and purpose.

Now that I've stuffed Debbie Downer in the closet, I hope she stays there for the rest of the season. This is my Supernatural. This is my obsession.

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