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Even more excited!
Having read Matt Rousch's review of tonight's Supernatural, my brain is fast approaching beyond the power of squee mush.

Linky to TV Guide magazine review full of SPOILERY SPOILERS. (Also spoilers - including full article in the comments.)


I'm just going to go pass out now from the anticipation. Hopefully it will make the day go faster.

(Um sorry about two almost repetitive posts)

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"The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable."


What? I click on the link and it takes me there. Does it not take you there?

I copied and pasted it for you:

It’s Not TV, It’s Supernatural!
By Matt Roush November 05, 2009 08:03 AM EST

“So, this show has ghosts? Why?”

Sam Winchester’s confusion is the TV fan’s delight, as he and baffled brother Dean find themselves reluctantly playing doctor in a Grey's Anatomy-style sex-and-surgery hospital show—where a ghost lurks in the hallways, a pungent reminder of that dreadful Denny’s-ghost period on Grey’s last season (which featured the Winchesters’ own dead dad, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, as Denny, no less). The meta hits just keep coming in this week’s “Changing Channels” episode of Supernatural (9/8c). There’s even a “300 channels and nothing’s on” joke, which is especially potent considering the glut of great network programming on Thursday nights this season.

For one night only, you can set your remote on the CW’s underappreciated underdog and still get your satirical fill of its time-period juggernaut competition, Grey’s and CSI. It’s an uproarious TV-parody smorgasbord, with spot-on spoofs of retro sitcoms (including a memorably gag-filled theme song), TMI pharmaceutical ads, Japanese game shows, David Caruso, and more—that not only demonstrates the versatility of series stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles but also moves forward the show’s apocalyptic mythology in a surprising and unexpectedly sobering fashion. If you’ve ever wondered what all the cult fuss was about, this is the episode to watch. As I wrote at length about this summer, I made the wise decision this year to catch up on past seasons (basically, since the show moved to the overstuffed Thursday battlefield) and now look at home-run episodes like this as my reward.

Seriously, you ask? (And yes, Grey’s signature “Seriously?” catchphrase gets quite a workout here.) Seriously. This is an inspired episode of a show that has gone far beyond its demon-hunting creature-of-the-week roots, now firmly entrenched in a highest-stakes-imaginable End of Days scenario in which the brothers and their allies (including a rogue angel named Castiel who’s desperately searching for God) are hoping against hopelessness to vanquish the forces of evil. The brothers aren’t merely on the front lines in this cosmic spiritual war, they’re carrying all sorts of personal baggage—especially Sam, who inadvertently opened the door for the Big Daddy of fallen angels, Lucifer, to be freed from Hell to wreak chaos on Earth.

So how is this lark of an episode, with its hilarious swipes at TV conventions as it channel-surfs among genres, not just a fun throwaway (of which there’s usually at least one per season)? For the answer to that, you’ll have to ask the mischievous Trickster (Richard Speight Jr., making a welcome return), who appears to be pulling the surreal strings that plunge Sam and Dean from situation to sitcom. (Deliciously, in the perky sitcom takeoff, everyone gets applause and screams from the "live studio audience" upon their entrance.)

Once the curtain is pulled back on this giddy gimmick, we’re reminded once again just how serious is this game they’re playing, and an episode that seemed like one of the silliest turns out to be one of the most pivotal and profound. As someone notes (no fair saying who), the destiny our Winchester heroes face lacks the “easy answers, endings wrapped in a bow” that you find on your typical TV show.

Supernatural is anything but typical, and “Changing Channels” is a terrific addition to its canon.

AHHHH! I LOVE IT. Guaranteed hilarity, muncho tv meta, AND apocalypse importance. IS IT 9PM YET??

This one looks fantastic. I expect to be squeeing my brains out. Thank goodness I can stuff Debbie Downer in the closet this week.

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