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Dance baby!

So Episode 5x10 pics of Supernatural?

Those pics of Cas?


So much gorgeous hotness that it's a wonder our monitors are not all aflame. I tip my hat to the Powers that be for realizing that there is a serious lack of Cas and that some of us were getting a wee bit restless. Hee. This is totally a sop to us. And we thank you. Now give us more Cas/Dean before we have to hurt you.

And then there was dance. Lots and lots of dance. Oh and V. Which um . . . . I sort of dozed off while watching. So I can't comment till I watch it again. But. . . . I still sort of miss the cheesy original. But then sleepage so I will judge again when I'm perky.


Sniff. I will miss both Michael and Mark but once Michael was the first person out I knew Mark didn't have a chance. Even though Aaron basically just redid his dance that the judges had orgasms over last night, I knew there was no way they were cutting him. Sniff.

But boy was he rocking the bitchface at being in the bottom again. Bwah!!!!!!!! Creepy, serial killer looking meth taking dude. Oh um that was a little judgmental wasn't it? But both he and Karina are pouty faced, entitled unlikable people to me so . . . . .yea. Bwah!!!!!

And oh dear God what was that Derek/Mark screechfest they forced us to listen to? Man oh man was that bad. BAD!!!! Embarassingly bad. GO AWAY!

I was hoping Mya would hit bottom because she bores me to death but it was a lovely foxtrot so at this point I think it will be Donny (love, love, love him and Kym so much), Joanna (the judge's will keep their little golden boy there) and Mya. Aaron is toast soon and Kelly while sweet just doesn't have the dancing chops the rest have. I could be wrong and Kelly might squeek in. Next week will tell the tale.


I still really hate the new stage, I hate the intros with the giant faces behind, I hate the new set and I will never stop hating it. Time to start twittering Nigel and Adam about it.

And thank goodness we can start voting next week. These past two weeks feel like Vegas and don't feel like the show at all.

I have my faves. I love and adore Legacy/Katherine, Ryan/Ellenore and I like Jakob/Ashleigh (don't adore but I like them.)

I didn't watch it all and fastforwarded through a lot of this. Since I already knew who was eliminated, I found myself not caring that much.

1. Legacy/Katherine - I adore Tookey. She has earned my undying respect from her work on SYTYCD Canada and while this dance was a little derivative of addiction, it still worked on every level. The leaps, the clinging, the dragging, the crawling on the back - wow. I loved that! Loved it. I find it surreal that my favorite couple includes a bboy. I never like bboys. What has happened here?

2. Ryan/Ellenore - Another adore. I have always loved good ballroom. It's one reason I enjoy DWTS so much and this was a smoking hot tango. Ellenore is the shit! She has star power out the wazoo but this isn't going to be a girl's year I fear. To my mind Jakob probably already has this wrapped up since he fits the profile for this year's winner (trained contemporary boy) Still, she just exudes stage charisma and I love her partnership with Ryan. They smoked that tango.

3. Jakob/Ashleigh - I want to like Jakob because I think he's going to win. And he his technique out the yin yang and he seems nice. He's a little lacking in star power right now but I'm sure the judges have a SL all mapped out to increase this. We'll see. The things that might keep him from winning is too much Judge's hype (it was toned down this week I see. The judges do learn) and lack of stage presence.

And thank God Adam Shankman has the balls to call out the choreography and mistakes. I think he may be the best thing since Dan Karaty on the judge's panel.

Ashleigh got a strong judge's push last night. Interesting. They do seem to want to keep her around and since she got so much hate last week on the internet, they have their work cut out for them. Still with Jakob she's probably safe till top 10.

So did anyone else dance? I know Wade did a painting type of dance that I sort of missed cause I got a little sleepy watching this late last night so I have to rewatch it. I don't like the couple that danced it and think it might have been stronger with better dancers.

The samba with Channing and Phillip sucked so bad. It was laughable how much that sucked. But I can't argue with Bianca being the booted girl because her feet and shoulders are so bad. Tappers don't have to worry about pointed feet and their shoulders are usually down and rounded but she was ugly to watch dance and that number by Tyce sucked so bad that, as I say, really not surprised.

The hip hop numbers - saw some of the tennis rackets which was terrible and didn't watch the Nappytabs number at all. As for the rest . . . . . um . . . . . . don't remember. Oh right the little teenyboppers got a Bollywood. Again, fast forwarded through this because I figured that A. the judges would go all hyperbole with praise and B it would look like every other Bollywood I've ever seen. I just don't like them.

Off to see if I can watch that contemporary on the internet again. That was fire!

I'm feeling more energy today although my morning started with a dead battery and a call to triple AAA. Seriously, this must be my bad karma week. Hopefully all the bad stuff is out of the way but maybe I better keep my head low. :D
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