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Friday! Halloween eve! Friday! Halloween Eve!

I watched 2 shows last night. Supernatural and Project Runway. I have Grey's on the DVR. Did I like either of them? Did I hate either of them? You know what? I haven't got the energy to rant today. So I present the pros and cons of two kind of boring shows. Oops - that slipped out. Seriously there was good. Dean kicked his heels in the air. Now how can that not be good? And everyone knows Lucifer is only on Book 4 of the Harry Potter series. It's not like he can stop and go run an Apocalypse you know. Book 4 is important!


The good:

1. Dean jumped in the air all happy to be young again. And Jensen Ackles is very, very pretty.

2. The Grumpy old men and the joint Shut up Sam line. They really did use the only funny line of the show in the promo clip.

3. Dean genuinely cares about everyone and even though Bobby pretty much always gives him crap (Princess line anyone), Dean always, always does what he can to make others feel better and the warmth and love and sheer "goodness" of the righteous man Dean Winchester breaks me every time.

4. Chad Everett looked vaguely like an old Jensen Ackles and did a decent job of nailing the character so kudos to him.

The bad:

1. Lucifer is still working on his tan lines. Apocalypse? Say what?

2. Manwitch and woman of utter boringness. I read TWOP and there is page after page of we love the manwitch, bring back the manwitch and I'm all - geez. This guy? I thought they were sooooooooooooooooooo boring, could not CARE LESS about whatever their issue was and could not believe we spent 5 minutes on watching her say let me go old at the end of the show. Who the frick cares?

3. One old joke is funny. Two old jokes are pushing it. Non-stop old jokes of whining and naming diseases bores me. I get it. You're old. You ache. You can't climb stairs. Got it.

4. The clap? Yea, frat boy humor strikes again. (note to Kripke - you should watch Greek sometime. They actually know how to do funny frat boy jokes)

5. The danger? What danger? Yea, right I was really, really worried that Dean was going to die there.

6. Sam dons his hero crown again. Hello Sam, Savior of the world. Bigger than a towering oak tree, able to win poker games that his older brother can't, saving the world with his puppy dog eyes of doom one episode at a time.

Note to Kripke/Gamble: My head is hurting a little. Let's see that's 3 weeks of Sam is the hero and all of Season 4 was just a momentary blip in Sam's wonderfulness anvils you've been throwing at me. I get it. Sam is magnificent and wonderful and he and he alone will save the world. And Dean? He's just the douchebag that went to hell and can't win a poker game and is only good for fart, masturbation and geezer jokes. I get it, okay? Stop throwing anvils at me.

7. Dean apologizes. AGAIN. Behold Dean the APOLOGIZE MONSTER. As I mentioned to elvisglasses I think this was Alastair's secret weapon. Turn Dean into Mr. Apologize. You've heard of Mr. Monotony? Well meet Mr. Apologize.

8. No Cas. But then if they had used Cas he could have flown in, smacked the little manwitch around, solved the problem and saved the day in about 10 minutes. But then what little plot they had would have been useless so I can see why everyone helpfully forgot about Castiel, Angel of the Lord here.

It had a few moments. But this episode really suffered from the lack of Jensen as he brings such a strong acting dynamic to the show.

Well at least Demian (the TWOP moderator) agrees with me. I hope he writes a scathing review and Kripke reads it and pulls his head out of his ass. Please?

ETA: And I am not Anti-Sam. I'm not. I just feel his character development has been thrown out the window in the rush to redeem him. He and only he could talk down the anti-christ. He and only he could stop Paris Hilton while Dean is getting pounded. And now he and only he can win the poker game. Please Kripke - stop making me dislike Sam. Dean didn't suddenly become useless when he got back from the future. Or did he? Did Zachariah leave some of his brain cells behind? Cause he seems to have reverted back to Season 1 characterization except for the moment at the end of the episode.

And to everyone who loved it, feel free to disagree with me. I love healthy disagreement. You loved it? I'm glad you did. I wanted to, I just didn't.

I used to want to be the best fan ever when I adored shows. When I watched Buffy or Veronica Mars and the episode wasn't that great, I would forgive every flaw. I would froth over all the wonderful things and ignore anything that wasn't wonderful. Somehow I can't be that type of fan anymore. I will squee my brains out over the shows that I adore. But if I don't like it, I will say so. It doesn't mean I've stopped loving Supernatural. I will always, always adore the show that gave me Season 4 and the beginning of this season with a fiery, fiery passion. So all my comments come from a position of epic love.


Um . . . . . . I sort of fell asleep through parts of it and woke up to see the most hideous outfits imaginable walking down the runway. And Irina being a bitch again. And that one model who never wears a bra bouncing her boobies about again.

And I guess they aufed Logan and Althea won and you know what? Didn't like any of the outfits and don't care.

In retrospect, maybe I should have just watched Greys.

Looking forward to White Collar later tonight. First I have class. Time to start on my Christmas numbers which I'm very excited about this year. My tiny tots are doing Christmas Island by Jimmy Buffet and my older kids are doing The Partridge Family's My Christmas Card to you. It's going to be a blast.
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