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Too much dance
So last night was the first night (since I didn't watch the SYTYCD intro show on Monday) where my two dancing worlds collided. And since we couldn't even vote I ended up watching the first (boring) hour of SYTYCD, switching to DWTS and then watching the last (less boring)hour of SYTYCD on tape delay. And maybe I'm a little danced out with having just finished the fantastic SYTYCD Canada series but I found so many things to dislike in SYTYCD last night.


I hate the new stage. It's too big, has too many lights, the audience is too far away, Cat seems lost and drowned in it's vastness, we can't have numbers that start on the stairs or use the stairs and there is no balconey for the next dancers to pose on. I HATE IT!!!!

Why do shows always feel the need to change when something isn't broken?

So Billy Bell is gone. Whatever. All I know about him is he looked about 10 and was a good dancer. Since I didn't watch the auditions, I had no preset love for him and while I'm sure he had amazing technique, that isn't what I'm looking for in my reality shows. So get well Billy. And uh . . . .bye.

And Noelle looks like she will soon be joining him and since I have no clue who she is . . . . . I'm guessing Ariana's exit might be short-lived.

So who impressed me and who might tempt me to vote? Well I liked Ryan and Elenore a lot! I always like hot ballroom guys. The dance did remind me a little of Nico's angel dance from SYTYCD Canada season 1 but that's okay. They had a lot of stage presence and good chemistry and so far are my fave couple.

I also loved Legacy (who would have thunk?) and um . . . . . . I can't remember her name. (Mostly because I fast forwarded through the intros. . . yea, that's how much I care right now) But that Dave Scott Hip hop number was superb. Simply superb. I loved it.

So there you go. My two fave couples so far. I also liked the Jakob/Ashleigh Broadway but since Jakob had his body tongue bathed big time by Nigel I don't think I'll keep liking them. I can not stand to be shoved onto someone head first. And I think this is the year of the 'TECHNICALLY TRAINED FAVORITE ' to win. I think all the moaning over Danny, Travis and Will not winning means they want a MALE TECHNICAL DANCER or it might be a tapper though I didn't get that vibe last night. So no. Nigel you can not shove me onto your favorite horse. Never going to happen.

As for bottom 4 - I call fix as I do not see how Russell - who seems to be a clear favorite - was in the bottom. He killed that solo and I don't even like Krump. But, I also think he's a danger to the favorite because he is NOT a technical dancer so Nigel might boot him early. Brandon was a no-brainer and I do think they will let him audition again. I also think the girls were not that bad and that Ariana will probably be back. And I found Nathan and Mollee (sorry Jennifer I know you like them) to be beyond annoying with their in your face aren't you cute vibe. And that disco was kind of a mess. Bianca and Victor were fine but again - too much manipulation for me. I can't stand the way the judges lips are permanently glued to Travis' butt ( better dance than the overhyped necklace dance at least) and Bianca just does nothing for me. Victor is good but kind of in a no charisma, another pretty contemporary boy way. Cha Cha and jive couple whose names I don't remember were boring and bad.

So we'll see. I was ready to give up on this season when Sonya sent out the angels and Dave sent out the cavemen. Those dances made me sit up and take notice.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . Mark and his bitchface are gone baby! Bwah!!!!!!!! Oh poor baby, you can't get an Olympic champion every time. Hahahahahahha. And MJH was horrible and bitchy and entitled and boring and Haaaaaaaa!

I enjoyed that elimination immensely. And while I liked Louie initially, I would have booted him last night too. Boring dance and Michael at least is fun. Untalented and probably gone next week but fun.

And um . . . Donny? What were you wearing? It's not St. Patrick's Day. Eeep.

I love Donny/Kym, Mark/Lacey and Louis/Kelly. (though Kelly needs to step up her game and I fear she is not long for the show) I hate Aaron/Karina and Joanna/Derek. I do think the finale is going to be Donny/Kym, Joanna/Derek and ?????? The last spot is the question mark. I thought Aaron was a goner but suddenly he's rehabilitated again. I loathe him and hope he tanks again.

Loved, loved, loved the pro dance to Love Story. Dear God that was beautiful. I wanted it to go on forever. The pros killed that. So pretty.

This Spanish duologue is kind of kicking my butt. I am not doing that well feeling the "Spanish" vibe and kept trying to imitate the sample they sent me but now? I'm just going to write my style and if they don't like it, it's fine. So back to workage.

Glee tonight!
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Actually, Russell has been a clear favorite all through Vegas auditions with Billy right there with him (with good reason). Jakob is a new favorite now with Billy gone. Anyway, my point being, it was glaringly obvious the bottom four was a fix.

I wish you had watched Monday's show. It was actually pretty great and did a lot to get me enthusiastic about this season. Much more than last night's dances did.

Oh I know Billy can dance. And I've seen Jakob dance since he's from Florida. So I'm sure they are good.

I was going to watch the show on Monday but I had to watch GREEK and I wanted to watch Dancing with the stars. I know it's not cool but I love good ballroom and Donny Osmond has been a revelation this season. Fun, professional and great routines. I heard there were good dances but part of the problem is I'm kind of danced out. SYTYCD Canada was really so, so good this season (and it just ended) If you could have seen the Top 4 - they really just blew me away.

So it will take a little time to get back into the US version. But I am always a rebel when it comes to this show. I like who I like and I refuse to follow the crowd. Hee!

And yes, the Bottom 4 seemed clearly a fix. But that's Nigel. Mr. Manipulate.

You should really go back and watch Monday's show if only for Wade's opening and to see Billy dance (he's in the first routine after the opener). Wade's opening number with all 20 was A-MAZ-ING!!!!!

I did just watch it. The Top 20 number was fantastic!

I agree with EVERY WORD of you DWTS write-up. As for SYTYCD: It's a shame you didn't see Billy Bell dance because he was astounding, and very likable. I do love Mollee/Nathan, but if they don't start bringing it, I may lose some ove.

I just watched the intro show from Monday night on the internet and I loved Wade's opening number, surprisingly loved the hip hop and while I didn't love the dance, still adore the ballroom guys. The jazz and tap numbers were kind of boring.

I've seen Billy dance alot. I know he has boatloads of technique. I know all the NYCDA kids so I'm sure he was great. I just never felt his chemistry and I'm honestly kind of glad I don't have to have him shoved down my throat all season.

Agreed on Bianca: Adam was absolutely right about her shoulders and toes. She does something very weird and unattractive with her body when she dances other styles besides tap. Her shoulders are up around her ears, her toes curl rather than point and her legs look funny somehow too.

I also agree with being surprised to liking Legacy. I think he did an excellent job with Dave Scott's awesome choreography. Let's see if he can do ballroom though.

Let's see if he can do ballroom though.

Yea, I'm curious about that too. But that hip hop number might have been my fav of the night. So creative. That's the Dave Scott I love.

I feel like Nigel reads the boards too much. All that whining last season when Bianca was cut makes me think she got a free pass in his head. Oh well. At least she's not another contemporary dancer.

No Glee tonight! You're stuck with Phillies/Yankees instead, although the cast is singing the national anthem in Philly next week for Game 3. :)

I realized that when I got home and checked the tv guide. Duh. I knew the World Series was starting. But sometimes my brain takes it's time processing things I guess. Still they played the Glee cast version of Push it last night on SYTYCD so we had a little glee this week.

This decked out stage takes so much away from the actual performance. (Which is weird, since it totally worked for last season's 'Addiction' and 'Butt dance') Combined with the weak song choices, it made the overall performance seem rather tepid. Except for the Dave Scott number. It totally got me pumping. I loved Legacy in it. I hope they don't bring back Noelle. Because Arianna totally did not deserve the boot.

This decked out stage takes so much away from the actual performance.

So much word.

xcept for the Dave Scott number. It totally got me pumping. I loved Legacy in it.

I was shocked by how much I loved this because usually hip hop leaves me bored. This number was fantastic.

And oh by the way - didn't you have a birthday? BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAYNESS!!!!!!!!

I hope it was a great day.


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