October 28th, 2009

Too much dance

So last night was the first night (since I didn't watch the SYTYCD intro show on Monday) where my two dancing worlds collided. And since we couldn't even vote I ended up watching the first (boring) hour of SYTYCD, switching to DWTS and then watching the last (less boring)hour of SYTYCD on tape delay. And maybe I'm a little danced out with having just finished the fantastic SYTYCD Canada series but I found so many things to dislike in SYTYCD last night.

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This Spanish duologue is kind of kicking my butt. I am not doing that well feeling the "Spanish" vibe and kept trying to imitate the sample they sent me but now? I'm just going to write my style and if they don't like it, it's fine. So back to workage.

Glee tonight!