Anywhere the wind blows

Queen songs get out of my mind.

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I'm so behind on everything. Haven't posted about Lost or watched Fringe. Catching up this weekend. Leaving today for Lakeland, our next to last dance competition. I expected to be more sad than this but mostly I'm just ready for it all to be over.

Even more excited!

Having read Matt Rousch's review of tonight's Supernatural, my brain is fast approaching beyond the power of squee mush.

Linky to TV Guide magazine review full of SPOILERY SPOILERS. (Also spoilers - including full article in the comments.)

I'm just going to go pass out now from the anticipation. Hopefully it will make the day go faster.

(Um sorry about two almost repetitive posts)

Dance baby!

So Episode 5x10 pics of Supernatural?

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And then there was dance. Lots and lots of dance. Oh and V. Which um . . . . I sort of dozed off while watching. So I can't comment till I watch it again. But. . . . I still sort of miss the cheesy original. But then sleepage so I will judge again when I'm perky.

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I'm feeling more energy today although my morning started with a dead battery and a call to triple AAA. Seriously, this must be my bad karma week. Hopefully all the bad stuff is out of the way but maybe I better keep my head low. :D

Happy Halloween!

Zombie improvs, scary trick or treating improvs - it was very ghostastic in class last night. I have a rehearsal at the theater this morning and sometime today I need to look through my costume closet and find a costume for tonight. And I need to get rolling soon as I have to drive all over creation this morning before rehearsal. The choreographer whose name I don't remember flew in from California last night and Kiersten has Box of Chocolates rehearsal from 9:00 - 3:00. Long day!


Thanks for listening to my recent rantage and being the most awesome flist ever. Have s Spooktacular day!

(Oh and Misha's Halloween tweets? How can one man be so absolutely smart, sexy and adorable. Seriously.)
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Friday! Halloween eve! Friday! Halloween Eve!

I watched 2 shows last night. Supernatural and Project Runway. I have Grey's on the DVR. Did I like either of them? Did I hate either of them? You know what? I haven't got the energy to rant today. So I present the pros and cons of two kind of boring shows. Oops - that slipped out. Seriously there was good. Dean kicked his heels in the air. Now how can that not be good? And everyone knows Lucifer is only on Book 4 of the Harry Potter series. It's not like he can stop and go run an Apocalypse you know. Book 4 is important!

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In retrospect, maybe I should have just watched Greys.

Looking forward to White Collar later tonight. First I have class. Time to start on my Christmas numbers which I'm very excited about this year. My tiny tots are doing Christmas Island by Jimmy Buffet and my older kids are doing The Partridge Family's My Christmas Card to you. It's going to be a blast.

Too much dance

So last night was the first night (since I didn't watch the SYTYCD intro show on Monday) where my two dancing worlds collided. And since we couldn't even vote I ended up watching the first (boring) hour of SYTYCD, switching to DWTS and then watching the last (less boring)hour of SYTYCD on tape delay. And maybe I'm a little danced out with having just finished the fantastic SYTYCD Canada series but I found so many things to dislike in SYTYCD last night.

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This Spanish duologue is kind of kicking my butt. I am not doing that well feeling the "Spanish" vibe and kept trying to imitate the sample they sent me but now? I'm just going to write my style and if they don't like it, it's fine. So back to workage.

Glee tonight!


So I may possibly be looking forward to The Curious Case of Dean Winchester more than I was this morning after seeing this. I still think it's all kind of stupid but they at least picked a good scene for a promo clip.

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